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Our Resource and Referral Program:

Assists parents in finding Child Care

Please call us for a live referral at (707) 253-0376 ext. 101

To access our referral database anytime, click hereIn order to get a customized list of licensed providers and/or centers in Napa County, you must us a Napa County zip code. if you are moving to Napa County from another County, you must use the zip code where you will be needing the care.

Provides helpful information on choosing quality child care

Our referral counselors can provide technical assistance on the various types of child care, (i.e. child care centers, family child care homes, in-home care), as well as information on other child development and parenting issues.

Recruits potential child care providers

Hosts licensing orientations for those interested in opening a family child care business in their home. Provides technical assistance for potential family child care providers in completing the licensing application , designing contracts, setting up business procedures, etc. CCIP Project - The California Child Care Initiative Project. This project recruits, assists, trains, and supports family child care providers.

Offers Training and Workshops, such as:

    Provider Support Groups
    Curriculum Ideas
    Business and Marketing
    Child Development Issues
    Choosing Child Care
    Brain Research
    Positive Discipline
    Parenting Issues
    Behavioral Issues

Educates the community on child needs

CRC gathers and maintains statistics on child care supply and demand in the community.

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