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Strengthening Families Framework

At our Provider Connections meeting in February, Heather Whitacre, a Case Manager with CRC's Alternative Payment Program, introduced the Strengthening Families Framework & the 5 Protective Factors to our child care providers.

What is Strengthening Families?

The Strengthening Families Framework is and initiative that focuses on family strengths. The goal is to develop and enhance five specific characteristics that help keep families strong and promotes optimal development of children.

These five characteristics (the 5 Protective Factors) were developed to improve parenting skills and family relationships, reduce problem behaviors, and to improve social skills and school performance.

Implementing Strengthening Families in your child care is really about making small but significant changes in your everyday practice and to build on things that you are probably already doing. It’s supporting parents in their parenting skills, involving them as partners in achieving positive outcomes for their children, and building a mutually supportive relationship with them.

What are the 5 Protective Factors?

Parental Resilience:
• The ability to manage stress and “bounce back” from challenges.
• Finding ways to solve problems.
• Seeking help when necessary.

Positive Social Connections:
• Friends, family members, neighbors, and community members that a parent can go to for help or advice.

Concrete Support in Times of Need:
• Seeking and receiving support when needed.
• Knowing what services are available and hot to access them.

Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development:
• Accurate info about child development and age appropriate expectations for children’s behaviors and development.

Social and Emotional Competence of Children:
• Child’s ability to form and maintain positive relationships with others.
• Tools to communicate their feelings effectively.
• Ability to self-regulate behavior.

More information about the Strengthening Families Framework can be found here:

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