Joann Acantilado.

Joann was born in Oxnard, California but grew up all over the world, being part of a military family. She has traveled to many countries including: most parts of Europe, Mexico, Spain, Greece, the Philippines, and her favorite-Italy.

Joann speaks Spanish and Tagalog, and would love to learn more languages. She enjoys playing the piano, crafting, scrapbooking, cooking, watching movies, photography, beading, and going to the beach. She has an interest in, and personal experience with, children with special needs. One of her favorite quotes is “When you fully trust a person without doubt you’ll get one of two results, a person for life or a lesson for life.” (Author Unknown) The loves of her life are her children: Christian, Isabella, and Anai. Joann has been with CRC since 2005.